Gli Aironi Venere Nero - 250g

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Venere Nero black rice comes from the cross between certain varieties cultivated in the Po Plain and "Emperor's Rice" which, as its name suggests, was cultivated for the Emperor's table.

It is characterised by its "naturally black" colour due to the pericarp, the outer film of the grain, which has the colour of ebony. Venere Nero black rice is a wholegrain rice: its treatment process only involves shelling, that is to say the elimination of a single part of the seed coat, the husk, which preserves the nutritive qualities of the rice as well as the taste.

Venere Nero black rice is characterised by an aroma reminiscent of that of freshly baked bread. It requires a long cooking time (between 40 to 45 minutes), so it is better to cook it separately. with a few minutes in the pan, the grains will not stick and will quickly absorb the flavours, without losing their authenticity and their spicy aroma.

Ideal for accompanying fish and more particularly crustaceans, black rice is also delicious plain (with a knob of butter and shavings of parmesan). In risotto, it soaks up the scent of vegetables and rosemary very well.

The experience acquired over five generations in the cultivation of rice has yielded its best fruit in the Vercelli Barns, where the Perinotti family has devoted its existence to improving the conditions for the cultivation of the Pracantone Estate.

Until a few years ago, Italian rice cultivation was based on quantitative production and the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilisers and plant protection products, thus compromising the quality of the harvest and endangering the survival of the animal species typical of these swamps.

It has only been since a less intensive type of agriculture was introduced that  the endangered gray herons has been able to return to populate the rice fields.

It is precisely for these majestic birds that Michele Perinotti wanted to dedicate Risi & co, which adopted as its flagship the "eco-compatible production model" governed by Community regulations.

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Gli Aironi
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