Mancini Paccheri - 500g

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  12 - 14 min    50 mm    30 mm

The pasta is produced with durum wheat grown directly by the company.

It is a classic format of Neapolitan cuisine, usually accompanied by rich and succulent sauces.

Paccheri are very versatile, they can be seasoned with fish based sauces, meats, vegetables and they can also be stuffed for baking.

The only ingredients used are semolina and water.

Mancini uses circular bronze moulds and dries the pasta at temperatures below 44 ° C for around 20 hours for short pasta and around 40 hours for long pasta.

It applies Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) that is to say a set of rules for managing agricultural activities which are more respectful to the environment in order to produce a greater quality product. This means having an overview of the agricultural system to achieve the objective of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

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