Hawaiian Black Hiwa Kai Salt - Le Petit Lorien - 300g

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Hawaiian black salt is a mixture of sea salt and black lava rock, which is rich in activated carbon.

Originally, the rains pouring down the slopes of the volcanoes drained black lava rock to the coast of the Hawaiian Islands, the coast where salt was produced. Naturally mixed, the salt water and the rock gave - after evaporation - a jet black salt crystal.

Today, after observing nature, we add the "rock like ink" rich in activated carbon in the salt works of Molokai, it mixes with the water and as it  evaporates, only the deep black crystals remain. It has a rich iodine flavour of course, but with a slightly smoky, fine and balanced taste. It remains a fairly strong salt compared to others. 

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Ingredient(s): unrefined sea salt.

Origin of this Hawaiian black salt: Hawaii.

The story:

Le Petit Lorien is a small company specialising in the importation and processing of salt and spices, rare ingredients and flavours from around the world.

The strength of "Le Petit Lorien" is the continuous search for new and exotic ingredients, selecting only the best ingredients.

You will be able to tell the quality of its spices only from their scent.  

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