Guérande Grey Salt - Le Petit Lorien - 40g

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Coarse sea salt from Guérande - always harvested using an artisanal manual method - is a salt renowned for its culinary virtues. It is naturally gray because it crystallises on contact with clay, hence the salts's richness in trace elements and minerals.

Less salty than Mediterranean sea salt, Guérande salt is sweeter on the palate and richer in aromas, which makes it the preferred salt for cooks to flavour court bouillons and water for cooking vegetables, but also for grilling and salt crusting. 

Ingredient(s): integral sea salt.

Origin of this Guérande salt: France.

The story:

Le Petit Lorien is a small company specialising in the importation and processing of salt and spices, rare ingredients and flavours from around the world.

The strength of "Le Petit Lorien" is the continuous search for new and exotic ingredients, selecting only the best ingredients.

You will be able to tell the quality of its spices only from their scent.  

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