Black Tellicherry Pepper - Le Petit Lorien - 25g

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It is one of the so-called "original" peppers and one of the most famous peppers in the world. In 1708 the English built a defensive fort in the town of Tellicherry, India. At the end of the spice trade route, especially the pepper trade. This is where the English Colonial Empire started.

An exceptional pepper: Tellicherry pepper matures for a particularly long time. It presents sweet peppery notes and a subtly woody nose.

Like all quality peppers, it is essential to buy it in seeds and grind it in a mill or crush it at the last moment in order to benefit from all its flavours and its health properties. Be careful, if you overcook it, it will taste very bitter.

In general, you will use this Tellicherry pepper in all dishes: with meats, in all vegetables, starches, salads, roasts, fish, seafood, sauces, marinades, ... . As well as in your desserts or combined with fruit. 

Ingredient(s): Piper Nigrum.

Origin of this Tellicherry pepper: India.

The story:

Le Petit Lorien is a small company specialising in the importation and processing of salt and spices, rare ingredients and flavours from around the world.

The strength of "Le Petit Lorien" is the continuous search for new and exotic ingredients, selecting only the best ingredients.

You will be able to tell the quality of its spices only from their scent.  

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Le Petit Lorien
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