Madras Curry Powder - Le Petit Lorien - 110g

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In the West, the name Curry refers to the shimmering mixture of yellow spices, or to what we use to give our dishes a flavour of India. In India - its country of origin - curry (formerly called Kari or Cari) refers to a family of dishes that use this blend of spices in their preparation.

This versatile spice blend is fragrant rather than spicy. A must have in your kitchen.

Here are some examples of its use: in red and white meat dishes, as well as for your fish and shellfish dishes, vegetable dishes, rice, ... .

Ingredient(s): coriander, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cumin, fennel, cardamom, nutmeg flower, cloves, chili, yellow mustard.

Origin of this Madras curry blend: Italy.

The story:

Le Petit Lorien is a small company specialising in the importation and processing of salt and spices, rare ingredients and flavours from around the world.

The strength of "Le Petit Lorien" is the continuous search for new and exotic ingredients, selecting only the best ingredients.

You will be able to tell the quality of its spices only from their scent.  

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