Whole Milk Strawberry Yogurt - Latteria di Chiuro - 150g

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The Latteria di Chiuro dairy yoghurts are made with milk from Valtellina, in the heart of the Alps, a magical place that smells of good, clean and uncontaminated air. The production of our yogurts is based on simple concepts: animal welfare, respect for the environment and innovation.

The milk comes from our stables, where indigenous breeds adapted to the pasture are raised, and produce a milk rich in proteins which characterises the smoothness of our yoghurt. By respecting the natural acidification of the milk, we are able to produce a particularly delicate yogurt.

Associated with the fruit jams of the Social Cooperative “il Sentiero”, which works for the integration of disadvantaged people in the workplace, it becomes a wonder of goodness and health. It is also good because the fruit comes partly from small agricultural plots, which would otherwise be abandoned.  

Ingredient(s): fresh whole pasteurised milk * from Valtellina, live lactic ferments, extra strawberry jam produced in Valtellina (16%) (strawberries 8%, cane sugar, gelling agent: fruit pectin, lemon juice).

* Country of trafficking and processing: Italy

The story:

“The Latteria di Chiuro was the first dairy cooperative to produce drinking milk in Valtellina. It was founded in 1957, in response to the need to give an entrepreneurial dimension to the work of many small farmers.

From the start, Latteria di Chiuro has stood out for its cutting-edge technologies integrated with traditional breeding methods, to guarantee animal welfare and product quality.

Today, we represent more than 20 milk producers from Valtellina who have their farms a few kilometres from the dairy farm. These producers provide their milk on a daily basis and participate in the operation and results of the Farm.

Their presence helps to maintain a real and virtuous economy in our mountain villages and to promote a social balance that contributes to the quality of life for all. "  

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