Chili Peppers from Salento - I Contadini - 230g

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These crescent chili peppers are grown in the open field between late May and early June. The harvest takes place over several passages between August and October due to the peculiarities of this plant.

They are washed, selected, stripped, cut into rings and refined in salt. And then, without adding any other ingredients, they are put in extra virgin olive oil. It is a procedure that requires wisdom and care, because only in this way does our chilli pepper reach the tables all year round. 

Ingredient (s): hot pepper(65%), sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, whole salt, lemon juice.

The story:

"Born and raised in lower Salento, we spent our childhood in close contact with nature and sunny fields, where Grandfather Fiumano grew capers. We are three very different brothers but united by a great passion.

An ancient rite is that of drying the tomato became one of the most important activities in the initial phase of our journey, then flanked over the years by the cultivation of other vegetables that we manage at all stages, from seedlings to the finished product.

We are rapidly expanding our crops to the surrounding lands, which are by their nature, uncultivated and inhospitable, they are now carried on under an integrated agricultural regime. " 

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