Santa Croce - Still Water - 500ml

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Taste this Italian spring water, an Oligomineral water recognised for its diuretic values ​​as an excellent support to cleanse the body of waste and to accelerate metabolic functions.

The history:

The water of Santa Croce runs at 1273 to 800 meters above sea level on Cotardo Hill, a natural park in the pristine setting of the Simbruini Mountains, in the heart of the central Apennines of Abruzzo. This area, subjected to environmental protection and sanitation, guarantees purity and quality. The water flows directly from the side of the mountain, without undergoing any action of artificial capture and retaining its original purity. Rock, the best natural microfilter, releases the right balance of mineral salts. It is OLIGOMINERAL water, it guarantees a balanced supply of mineral salts to the body.

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