Sangria LOLEA Mini n°5 Red

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Lolea is synonymous with celebration and joy, the perfect drink to refresh our aperitif moments and summer afternoons with a sophisticated and elegant touch.

When Lolea appears, the party begins.

Lolea is a 100% natural gourmet artisanal sangria.

Unpasteurized. Produced with the perfect combination of good wine, fruit, spices and an incomparable sparkling touch.

Its fruity taste, low alcohol content and sparkling touch make it the perfect cocktail as an aperitif, with meals, in the middle of the afternoon and of course in the evening.

Lolea Sangria Rosé N. 5 is a product of the combination of rosé wine, the elegant aroma of hibiscus flower, the spicy background taste of ginger and a fine sparkling carbonated touch.

Rosé wine is in fashion!

Serve chilled with ice cream and red berries, also delicious on their own, in a well chilled cava glass.

When Lolea appears, the party begins.

Alcohol: 8% vol

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