Sangria LOLEA Mini n°1 Red

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Lolea is synonymous with celebration and joy, the perfect drink to refresh our aperitif moments and summer afternoons with a sophisticated and elegant touch.

When Lolea appears, the party begins.

Lolea is a 100% natural gourmet artisanal sangria.

Unpasteurized. Produced with the perfect combination of good wine, fruit, spices and an incomparable sparkling touch.

Lolea Sangria Rouge N.1 is a delicious sangria made from Mediterranean citrus fruits, a good red wine with Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, cinnamon and a sparkling touch.

Lolea is unpasteurized, thus retaining the organoleptic characteristics of fresh wine.

Serve chilled, with ice and a lemon and orange slice. Aromatic herbs optional.

When Lolea appears, the party begins.

Alcohol: 7% vol

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