Conservas Serrano Piquillo Red Peppers - 230g

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The famous "little beak peppers" because of their shape, are products linked to Spanish cuisine, that use them in an infinity of recipes. Their colour, their flavour brings a personal touch to any dish.

It is a pepper which, when fresh, is not edible but once canned becomes tender, sweet and fragrant.

The intensity of the piquillo pepper flavor makes it one of the most demanded preserves on the market. During its preparation, the pepper is first evenly roasted, then peeled by hand without contact with water to maintain its flavour.

Canned piquillo peppers are perfect with meat and fish and can be used in hot and cold dishes, the latter of which intensifies the flavour of the product.

It is usually prepared by heating it with a little garlic, oil and salt, but can also be eaten directly.

Conservas Serrano is a family business with a tradition that spans 4 generations.

"Our goal is to offer gourmet preserves of high quality. Throughout the process, we take care of every detail to maintain the natural flavour that characterises the products of the land.

But this tradition coexists with the innovation of the new generations of the company, who seek to offer new products to satisfy the most demanding palates. "

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