El Capricho Yellowfin Tuna Belly Slices in Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 115g

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Yellowfin tuna has a firm texture and a moderately pronounced flavour for an extra special gastronomic experience.

Tuna belly is an exquisite dish; it is the ventral part of the fish also referred to as the fattiest piece of the tuna.

El Capricho yellowfin tuna is made exclusively from fresh tuna, caught by coastal boats that use hook fishing to respect the environment.

It does not contain any type of additives, only fish, salt and oil or water.

Extra virgin olive oil Castillo de Canena from the Arbequina variety. Harvested in December, which gives it a sweet flavour. This oil mill located in Jaén has been recognised by Flos Olei 2016 as “The best olive oil company in the world”.

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El Capricho
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