El Capricho North Bonito Tuna Slices in Oleic Sunflower Oil - 110g

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The Northern Bonito Tuna is the most select range of tuna. The main culinary difference is in the flesh, which is much tastier, and has an exceptionally tender texture. Another special feature is the colour of its flesh which is much whiter than that of other varieties of tuna.

Northern bonito has the advantage of having a lower fat percentage.

El Capricho's Northern Bonito is made exclusively from fresh tuna, caught by coastal boats that use hook fishing to respect the environment.

It does not contain any type of additives, only fish, salt and oil or water.

When stored in sunflower oil rich in oleic acid, with a neutral taste and odour, it has a higher amount of fatty acids than conventional sunflower oil. It is highly valued in the restaurant industry due to its rapid liquefaction.

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