Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Set in Cherry, Juniper and Oak Wood

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A typical characteristic of the "Recharge and Decant" system with which Maison Giusti ages balsamic vinegar, is that each small barrel gives the vinegar the essences, scents and aromas of the wood in which it is made, giving the vinegar a final bouquet of richness and particular complexity.

By starting up homogeneous wood batteries, it is possible to isolate the essences that the different woods bring to balsamic; it is the experimentation which led to the creation of the "Old Modenese Specialties", a curiosity for enthusiasts which allows to appreciate the different essences.

- Oak: among the noblest of woods with incomparable vanilla notes.

- Juniper: with strong and pungent aromatic characteristics.

- Cherry: a wood which gives warm notes of colour and interesting notes of sweet spices.

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Giuseppe Giusti
Origine (Région)
50ml x 3