Paglione Whole Organic Cherry Tomatoes Puglia - 314 gr

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Only the most beautiful round and full-bodied cherry tomatoes are selected, creating splendid geometric patterns. According to ancient tradition, small cherry tomatoes were kept in water and salt. The treatment is very quick: less than twelve hours from the field to the pasteurized jar. The firm skin and the right balance of salt preserve the consistency of the tomato  as if it were (almost) still fresh.


Cherry tomatoes, water, salt.


Suitable for bruschetta, for quick sauces with vegetables or for "colouring" vegetable soups.


Craftsmanship, authenticity and taste: this is the Paglione Method. We work to preserve and integrate the fauna and flora of our territories in the production cycle, we protect the earth from impoverishment and threats of desertification, because we do not use any type of pesticide, in particular the neonicotinoids which are guilty of poisoning and killing bees. Each product is a story to taste: it sums up the peasant roots of the family and the experience passed down from parents to children for generations. The fields are organically cultivated with full respect for seasonality and maintained throughout the year before harvest. Everything is transformed fresh ensuring a very high quality of the ingredients, without dispersing the natural flavours and aromas.

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314 gr