Gli Aironi Risotto Rosso Selvatico Wild Red Rice - 250g

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Rosso Selvatico (wild red rice) is a wholegrain rice with high nutritional value.

It's the rice that contains the most vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts.

Of a medium length, its crystalline grains, ruby red in colour are precious for their antioxidant content and high digestibility.

Unshelled Rosso Selvatico is also the rice that requires the least amount of human intervention.

It is ideal for preparations based on green vegetables and optimal to accompany white flesh fish or for rice salads.


The experience acquired over five generations in the cultivation of rice has yielded its best fruit in the Vercelli Barns, where the Perinotti family has devoted its existence to improving the conditions for the cultivation of the Pracantone Estate.

Until a few years ago, Italian rice cultivation was based on quantitative production and the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilisers and plant protection products, thus compromising the quality of the harvest and endangering the survival of the animal species typical of these swamp.

Only the introduction of a less forced type of agriculture has enabled the endangered gray herons to return to populate the rice fields.

It is precisely to these majestic birds that Michele Perinotti wanted to dedicate Risi & co, which adopted as its flagship the "eco-compatible production model" governed by Community regulations.


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Gli Aironi
Origine (Région)
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