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  • Cilento Burrata di Bufala - 200g


    100% Italian buffalo milk

    La Burrata is an authentic Italian product handcrafted by expert artisans from southern Italy.

    With a deliciously creamy heart, made from 100% Italian buffalo milk, it is ideal for exceptional recipes.

  • La Golosa di Puglia Golden Smoked Burrata - 100g


    La Golosa di Puglia is synonymous with excellent hand-made products, from the passion and experience of expert cheesemakers.

    Golden like its royal appearance, the smoked burrata is a typical variant of the traditional Apulian burrata.

    The strong and intense flavour of the smoke enhances the delicacy of the very soft filling making the Dorata a delicacy and a delight for the palate.

  • Ponte Reale Mozzarela di Buffala DOP - 125g



    Buffalo mozzarella is a naturally fresh product full of living lactic ferments, which makes it particularly digestible.

    Its benefits, in fact, allow it to be a precious help to the intestinal functions in our body. While it retains its flavour because of its  proteins and easily assimilated fats, it is not fattening thanks to its low calorific content due to the reduced presence of dry matter.

    Thus, with its 270 calories per 100 g, the mozzarella beats Grana (320 cal./100 gr), or Fontina (370 cal./100 gr), and allows you to eat tasty yet healthy dishes.

    Its high calcium content also means it is especially important for the diets of the elderly and children.

    Its undisputed quality derives from the special characteristics of the buffalo, an incredibly strong, healthy and pure animal, accustomed to graze freely outdoors, in a natural environment, while enjoying a mild climate and the Mediterranean sun.

    This mozzarella is spun by hand and is monitored throughout the hardening process to maximise the flavour and the quality of the product itself.

  • "The Red Cows" 24-Month Matured Parmesan

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    "The Red Cows" Parmigiano Reggiano is born every day with the Parmigiano Reggiano mother's milk: the Reggiana cattle breed.

    In 1200, when the Parmigiano Reggiano was born, the most common indigenous breed in the region of origin was the Reggiana breed, which is why it is called today the mother of the Parmigiano Reggiano.