Campisi Black Olive Paste

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Delicious black olive paste to spread on toast for a tasty aperitif to share with friends.



Black olive paste, olive oil, sunflower oil, pickled capers, oregano, parsley, mint, garlic, crushed red pepper, sea salt.


To be generously spread on toast as an aperitif or to use on your bruschetta, it can also make ricotta pasta tastier.


The Campisi family business was born in 1854 in Marzamemi (SR), in a small village steeped in fish processing traditions. Linked to the sea for more than a century, Salvatore Campisi produces and processes a very wide range of fish products, from bluefin tuna, swordfish, kingfish, to the precious bottarga, mosciame (tuna ham) to the refinement of pesto and pâté. The use of ancient techniques, dating back to the Arab period, were refined over time in the small village of Marzamemi, as was the drying and seasoning of tuna products, in suitable climate ranges, have made Salvatore Campisi known as one of the last connoisseurs of traditions now on the verge of extinction, worthy of protection and recognition.